The PD-Box:

A customized box that delivers

Musky/Pike lures such as custom 

Bucktails, hand painted crank baits,

custom jigs, spinners and everything

else PikeDreamers offers.

The PDBox arrives straight to

your door once a month. Everything we

tie/build are hand built to net the elusive 


There are no cancellation fees, no commitment! 

Frequently asked Questions:

How many lures come per box?

  • Depending on the level you select most boxes come with several lures (2-6+)

  • Extra random gifts (not just lures) will be added to boxes(leaders, blades, hooks, stickers and gift cards)

When will the boxes be shipped?

  • Boxes are shipped on the 15th of each month. In order to account for every order ahead of time you need to purchase by the last day of the previous month.

What comes in them?

  • Will range in most popular to guide staff recommended or color depending on the season. Coupons and gift cards will be placed in random boxes- only eligible to PDBox subscribers! 

Make sure you select your LEVEL and you COUNTRY! (Example: If you live in the USA order USA Box)

See all the reviews of the PDBox here!

KING-PDBoxes currently sold out- contact us for details!

LureBombs (12-15")
Musky Muncher- #8&9
Lil' WeedWacker-#7
Spinnerbait (6-8")
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