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About Us:


I started tying baits in 2003, after landing my PB a few years later(top left, 52.5") I knew other fisherman needed these baits in their boxes too! I brought the lures to market in 2012 and since then our baits have made their mark on the fishing community. I started guiding for everything with teeth in 2018. All of my clients who have wanted to see a Musky, have seen or caught one during a trip with me!

All of our baits are hand made and assembled in the US. I take great pride in being a small business owner. I strive to keep PD lures being works of art rather than mass produced like others on the market. Better components, better material better all around experience.

The company is named after my late fathers boat(top right), we are not only a Pike Company but an everything ESOX company.

I guarantee our baits will out perform and out last our competitors, if you have a comment or question please feel free to reach out!

Tight lines, and thanks for stopping by!


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