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If you have photos with a PikeDreamers fish please email us and we will add it to our page and you'll receive a gift to our store!

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Jeremy: Had a great day of hunting here in Northern Ontario. My new "Bumblebee" pattern "Weed'Wacker" from PikeDreamers was putting on a clinic. A couple hours into the day my co-angler had no choice but to throw on one of my "PikeDreamers" creations to get himself on the board. His lure of choice was the "strykertail" in all black muskrat! It wasn’t long before he started putting quality fish in the boat. He went through 4 different bucktails trying to prove me wrong, in the end he joined the winning team and is putting in an order for himself. My "Weed'Wacker" boated 2 musky and 16 pike. Biggest pike was 38" and biggest "Ski" was a fat 49". Best outing I have had on this lake in particular, guess you just have to give them what they want lol. Water was a respectful 73 degrees, wind was a mild SW, water clarity was poor but the sun made my "Weed'Wacker" look like a crown jewel parting a sea of mud. Things I like most about the "Weed'Wacker" are, it is durable, not once did i notice losing any tinsel from fighting or unhooking many fish. Secondly it didn't kill me to throw it all day. The use of the wide willow blade combination still gives it good vibration and a big profile without the heavy drag all day! The skirt is very lively and has great natural movement along with extra flash. Castability was amazing, i have always had trouble with bucktails getting hung up on themselves midcast and having to reel in to correct it, not once did the Weed'Wacker" catch my leader, therefore providing me with more casts and water coverage throughout the day to get my presentation in front of more fish. I’m guessing the extra weight they install at the tail end keeps it flying straight throughout the cast. I also love the fact that I can customize my lures upon ordering, I knew what I needed to fish one of my favorite lakes and "PikeDreamers" made it possible for me to customize my bucktail just the way I wanted it. This bait caught numbers along with some real monsters. Definitely going to order and create some more of these "Weed'Wackers" for multiple conditions

Butler  "When fishing the Weedwackers after dark fish it low and slow and let if give off a lot of vibration to turn the lookers into hookers!.. We have been having a lot of success on big pike and muskies with Weedwackers!!"


Chris "They work amazing, Eskimotails being my favorite followed by the Weedwacker... Rippler is more a big fish bait but when it gets hit or followed its always a trophy."


Sebastian L "They work great!"


Jeff L "Damn good looking Pike lures"


Donn K "My groomsman will be very happy with PikeDreamers, willingness to go the extra mile to make my custom order phenomenal Thanks"


Matt "these are the first go to in my tackle box! More vibration and fullness of each lure, super high quility!"


Jason "Save some time and order a PDBOX, let the pros do the shopping for you!"


Sam "Out fished every other lure!"


Ryan C. "Best customer service! Needed some help with sets for Pike. They responded right away, very knowledgeable staff. I am a FOREVER CUSTOMER!"


Mark "Called today to speak with the store! Eric is very helpful with our needs for our trip up north. Great prices and will recommend to everyone who is looking for great lures!"


Michael "I just received my PDBOX!!! WOW!! I can not wait until iceout to go use them!"


Daniel "You guys are awesome! I appreciate all the help and pointers over the past few summers!"


Aaron "Love the lures! Caught lots of lunkers on the spinnerbaits, I am not sure if I should share with everyone I know or keep this gem to myself ;)"


Pat: "Great customer service! Never hesitate to email or call Eric, he is always willing to help you with anything you may need! AAAA+++++ on all of the lures I got from them. I just placed my 3rd order this year, cant wait to use the new ones!!"

Fisherman or Hobbyists- these are great lures and Folks at PikeDreamers are top notch to deal with. My son and I did great in Ontario Canada catching Pike and Bass with these BabyTails. Treat yourself and buy a few. I guarantee you won’t be sorry!

Mike: "the PDBox was amazing! I will continue to subscribe for as long as i can. Thank you so much for the custom job"

Tyler: "The custom painted crankbaits are my favorite. I cannot wait to throw them. Amazing work guys!"

Lynn: "My husband is very happy with his order. The custom lures are very pretty."

Sam: "Glad I got the PDBox. I received 4 giant musky lures and a gift card. Will come in handy for spring."

Alan: Great customer service. Spot on for what the muskies were looking for. Boated a few with the help of the PikeDreamers team. 

Sean: Killer blades! Thank you for the coupon, these lures are going to be awesome this summer. Built very well you can immediately see the details of each lure you guys build. Please do shows next year!

John: Just opened the lures as usual they look awesome I am impressed with the three blades can hardly wait to try it out. Thanks again Eric!

John: Caught the biggest musky of my LIFE on one of the lures in the PDBox. I dont know the name of it but it had 3 blades and all black. The best part about it was my 13 year old boy was with me when i got it. Thank you so much Eric for producing such amazing products. the measurements of the photo is 46.5" x 22"

Peter: I've gotten half my muskies on your baits this year! I need more baits so I can make that 100%!!

Josh Z: Had Eric of Pike Dreamers guide me out on Pewaukee Lake while fishing for musky and pike this past weekend. It was an awesome experience. The logistics and communications were clear and Eric had great knowledge of the lake and it’s good fishing spots. Boat was loaded up with top notch gear and got to use the custom musky tackle he hand-makes himself! I look forward to planning my next trip.

Richard G.: Eric is the man.. Simply put, he knows what he is doing. He put us on fish all day, trolling for Pike and Muskie in daylight and when the lights go down, switch to walleye. My son had a 1/2 dozen pike and 2 solid walleye for for dinner(the cherry on top of this sundae) It was brutal cold and we realized we were going to freeze. Eric sees it happening and pulls out heater that’s like a campfire. He made it a nonissue and we continued to love the action. The value is off the chart. He is a great guy. Needless to say, we’re going to come back again and again. Thanks Capt. Eric.

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