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Prostaff Recomended Bass Lures


These four baits have been chosen by our prostaff for in the field, choices determined by; visual, feel, follows and catches.

BullFrog SpinnerBait: 8 inches, 2-3oz, Willow blades, two 6-8/0 barbed hooks, all deerhair and(or) flashabou mixed

          Casting Depth: 3-4'

          Trolling Depth: 5-7'


Loon CritterBait: 10 inches, 2oz, double opposite 2" Buzz blades, 5/0 treble hooks, all flashabou

          Casting Depth: 0-1'

          Trolling Depth: 0-1'


Bloody Crappie PikeRat: 6 inches, 1.5oz, Double #5 Mag Willow blades, 1/0 treble hook, all flashabou mixed

          Casting Depth: 2-3'

          Trolling Depth: 3'


Common BabyTail Kit: 3-4 inches, 1-1.5oz, double #4 Mag Willow blades, #2 Treble hooks, all flashabou mixed

          Casting Depth: 1-2'

          Trolling Depth: 2-3'


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