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Basic Bi*chGil Baby Muncher

Colors: Blue and Green
1x 5/0 hook
Blades: #8 and #9 Colorado with a #5 mag willow tail

The bait is weighted in a specific order to minimize twisting while casting. The tail is as added feature that adds to the life like profile, the back blade kicks and spins just like a fleeing injured baitfish. Light for casting, blades that have minimal resistance for reeling, and explosive vibrations made by the Flashabou creating a bait like profile.

Decide what blades you want!

Inner Blade (#8 Colorado): the blade closest to the lure body
Outer Blade(#9 Colorado): the outer most blade (blade on top)


Tail Blade(#5 Mag Willow): Tail Blade

Basic Bi*chGil Baby Muncher

  • Blade inner color is closest to body and outer color is closest to leader
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